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Over a decade ago, SmartWool entered the marketplace as a natural in a plastic world. SmartWool was instantly different simply by questioning the wisdom of modern ways - namely the philosophy that synthetics were best. They chose merino wool as the performance fiber of choice for its performance and comfort, and the fact that it's a natural, renewable resource. If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, it worked. After pioneering and perfecting its use in performance products, today many other brands are following their lead. Back then less than 5 percent of all performance socks used wool, today wool is used in more than 70 percent of all performance socks. Yet, SmartWool continues to be different by just being themselves and how natural is that? Why SmartWool? While other manufacturers were busy cementing their equity in synthetics, they have always believed the best performance fiber is a natural one. Wool works better than any other fiber across more weather conditions and is entirely renewable, growing back on the same sheep, year after year. Their natural breathable fibers transport moisture off the skin faster than any other material on the market. Their sheep come in for their annual haircut and then roam free for the remaining 364 days of the year, creating a viable, sustainable industry year after year. Their 'Smart' process makes their fibers itch free and easy to wash and dry. Lastly, SmartWool products are naturally odor free without adding harsh chemicals or heavy metal overlays.


Love these socks
By Adam, from Boston, MA | May 07, 2014

I tried two pairs of these socks, and liked them so much I ordered another 4 pairs. Smartwool is much better than cotton, they are more comfortable, breathable and durable.I will buy these again.

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These fit very small and tight
By Susan L, from Towaco, NJ | May 07, 2014

I have so many Smartwool socks in size small that fit my 6.5 foot comfortably. These fit very small and hurt as they are too tight. I measured them against my other Smartwool size small socks and these are smaller everywhere. They are also short in height and not as long as my other Smartwool Crew Socks.

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Too small
By Fred, from Chitown | May 01, 2014

Exlarge does not fit size 11

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My wife loves these!!
By shane666, from Tennessee | April 15, 2014

Bought these for my wife, because she was tired of "droopy sock syndrome", with these awesome smartwool socks the problem doesn't exist!! Worth their weight in wool!

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Great Socks!
By Wes Hotfoot P, from Hattiesburg, MS | April 10, 2014

These are fantastic socks--excellent wool that does not itch at all. I ordered the midweight wool not knowing that lightweight is available, which I've since ordered. Even the midweights are a huge improvement over what I have been wearing, which have more synthetic material than this sock. My feet overheat at the drop of a hat, so I need material that wicks well. It seems illogical, but my feet are cooler wearing wool vs. cotton or synthetic. I've been wearing a copper based sock designed to retard fungus! Fooey--I fell for that gimmick unfortunately. It's all about the [Smart]wool now.

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