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Rogue Wallet

There's a story behind the creation of this wallet. Inventor Michael Lyons went to see his doctor because of severe lower back pain. The first thing the doctor did was to ask if he could see Michael's wallet. Michael pulled out a classic hip wallet that was about an inch thick. The doctor took one look at it and said the wallet was the problem. He said something about spinal alignment and the hip being out of balance...and Michael just shook his head in disbelief. Yes, it was in his rear pocket. And yes, it was there when he drove the car and sat at his desk and ate dinner. It was there, actually, for just about all the time that he was awake. But Michael still did not believe that sitting on an inch of leather and plastic could do this to his lower back. And he told the doctor that. The doctor smiled, patiently. He suggested that Michael take the wallet out for just one week and then come back to see him. A week later, Michael went back to see the doctor. It's amazing how much smarter a man can become in just one week. His back was definitively better. But a new problem had come up. He kept losing his wallet. So he went shopping for a new front pocket design. Michael looked at dozens and they were all square or rectangular and felt decidedly uncomfortable-even the front pocket ones. Then, doing the laundry, it hit him. The front pocket is curved. Why not create a wallet which mirrors the curve and fits in the front pocket more naturally than a square one ever could? And so, the first curved wallet was created. Michael didn't realize it could turn into a business-and he certainly hadn't thought of the other benefits like security and style-but his customers did. And based upon suggestions, comments and encouragement from so many interested consumers, Rogue Wallet is now proud to introduce an expanded line of wallet creations for both men and women.


I Front pocket wallet
By Don E, from Kihei, Hawaii | May 14, 2014

Wallet replaced a worn out wallet from different company. Card pockets had finally wore out. New wallet is just fine. Would like it to be just a little bit larger (a very little bit) but I'm happy. Very happy with the fast action in receiving it.

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It Works!
By A. Wright, from Houston, TX | April 10, 2014

Generally I read reviews before I buy something. But in this instance, I did the contrary. I read a review where one purchaser stated the wallet failed when he ran his wallet, with a gate card inside, over a sensor. So I conducted the same test the first day I had received my wallet. And it failed to open the gate, at my job. It seemed a little cheap, at first. But it's actually made of a fine thin leather that I'm not accustomed to, and is a nice size. Not too big or small.

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