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Rock Band

Rock Bands are designed by Lee Dahlberg, a successful model and artist. Lee wanted to create a line that would be an extension of an individual's character and generate good energy. In the few months that Lee has introduced his Rock Bands they have been the buzz of the industry. Rock Bands are unique pieces that personify individuality. Each one of a kind piece is hand made using the finest quality aged leather and fixtures. Each stone is hand carved and polished. The stones used are beautiful to the eye and benefi cial to the mind and body. Rock Bands are the product of a year of development and an obsession with fashion. Rock Bands are about feeling and looking great. The stones used have healing and strengthening powers. You'll be drawn to the bold aesthetic of the pieces then captivated by the stories of the stones. The stones can help with everything from concentration and digestion to protection against infection. Each stone is associated to a charka and helps to balance the body. Already people such as: Bono, Johnny Depp, Jessica Simpson, Antonio Banderas, and Nikki Taylor are proud owners of Rock Band. Rock Band is growing everyday.