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"Build the best product, do no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis." --Patagonia's Mission Statement. Patagonia grew out of a small company that made tools for climbers. Alpinism remains at the heart of a worldwide business that still makes clothes for climbing - as well as for skiing, snowboarding, surfing, fly fishing, paddling and trail running. These are all silent sports. None requires a motor; none delivers the cheers of a crowd. In each sport, reward comes in the form of hard-won grace and moments of connection between us and nature. Our values reflect those of a business started by a band of climbers and surfers, and the minimalist style they promoted. The approach we take towards product design demonstrates a bias for simplicity and utility. For us at Patagonia, a love of wild and beautiful places demands participation in the fight to save them, and to help reverse the steep decline in the overall environmental health of our plant. We donate our time, services and at least 1% for our sales to hundreds of grassroots environmental groups all over the world who work to help reverse the tide. We know that our business activity - from lighting stores to dyeing shirts - creates pollution as a by-product. So we work steadily to reduce those harms. We use recycled polyester in many of our clothes and only organic, rather than pesticide-intensive, cotton. Staying true to our core values during thirty-plus years in business has helped us create a company we're proud to run and work for. And our focus on making the best products possible has brought us success in the marketplace.


By NITTISTER, from MIAMI | March 27, 2014

Cool logo. Heavier shirt so it feels great. Does what a shirt should do

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Very Warm Pullover
By Elsa M., from Boston, MA | March 14, 2014

I love this pullover! It is way warmer than I thought it would be, and so soft. The sweatshirt-style pocket is nice too. Such a great purchase!

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Love this jacket
By Pam, from ATL | March 05, 2014

Love this more every day!

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Merino wool
By Anonymous, from gray,maine | March 03, 2014

Love, love my merino 1 silkweight. Will hike all summer with them

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A Must Have
By L. Old, from Virginia Beach, VA | March 01, 2014

Absolutely love this item! I'm visiting Delaware and it's 18 degrees out and I'm toasty. I wear it hunting too and it rocks. My wife calls it my onezie. I actually loved my first one so much I purchased a second in Navy. If your serious about staying warm and want something that's quality, long lasting and lightweight, this is the best there is.

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Shoebuy Insider on Patagonia

To say that Yvon Chouinard and the fine folks at Patagonia are fond of the outdoors would be a gross understatement. Chouinard is an outdoorsman extraordinaire who enjoys kayaking and fishing and is heralded as an innovator in the climbing community. He began making his own climbing equipment to save money, a decision that ultimately led to the creation of Patagonia.

Widely recognized as an outdoor apparel industry leader, Patagonia has products specifically tailored for the demands of activities like skiing, surfing, and camping, and offers more basic product lines for the less adventurous weekend warrior. Whether your expeditions involve a jog around the neighborhood or dangling from a cliff face, Patagonia has jackets and fleeces to keep you from breaking a fashion sweat, and their variety of bags have your back on the commute or on the trail.

Only mentioning their products would tell such a small part of Patagonia's story. True to Chouinard's roots, Patagonia's focus is as much on the environment as it is on business. Upon learning his best selling climbing pitons were causing structural damage to crevices at Yosemite, Chouinard created new equipment and pioneered the clean climbing movement. Patagonia initiatives include the 1% for the planet, a group of businesses that contribute 1% of their annual sales to environmental groups, and the World Trout Initiative, a movement to help protect endangered fish. These environmental initiatives and social responsibility are just part of business as usual for a company whose mission statement reads: "Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis".