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Panama Jack

Made with Love, Care and Pride since 1974, Panama Jack is committed to bringing the feeling of escape, fun, adventure, and the lifestyle of the tropics to people everywhere. From the SPF 8 sunscreen lotion, designed to keep the sun's harmful rays out while allowing tanning rays through, to the SPF 70 sun block, which offer maximum protection for sun-sensitive skin, Panama Jack's suncare products will protect your skin from the burning and drying effects of the sun. Still, Panama Jack is also a time and a place; a state of mind in a state of being. Panama Jack is a traveler, not a tourist. The breezy, relaxed ways of the tropics can be found in everything that bears his name. From Panama Jack signature suncare, eyewear, headwear and beachwear you'll find Panama Jack products in resorts, retail shops, select adventure parks and beaches all over the world. Not to mention right here. Panama Jack is synonymous with soaking up the best of the tropics. So go ahead, experience life as an island. Cover yourself from head to toe in Panama Jack.


What a shame.
By Martin M, from Leicester, England , UK. | May 02, 2014

I first bought the Panama Jack SPF8 lotion when visiting Florida from the UK in 1999. It was so impressive that in the following 12 years or so I must have bought at least 100 bottles including supplying family who also loved it. The initial cream bottles, eventually replaced by the gold were the answer for kids and adults alike and I even ordered directly from the US and paid import duty when the customs people fancied. And now the problem: Immediately on using the new lotion my face started burning and it felt like I was using a muscle rub. Very uncomfortable and quite worrying wondering when the burning was going to stop intensifying. Panama Jack, what have you done to make this happen? Needless to say I have a few bottles of the new lotion sat unused and I wouldn't risk trying it again.

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