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Established in Cumbria, England in 1938 and adopted in the early 80's by the trailblazers of the hip-hop phenomenon, Kangol® maintains a reputation for crafting world-class headwear. It is said the name Kangol® derives from Knit/ANGora/woOL. Kangol® berets originally worn by the British Military in WWII, most notably by General Bernard Montgomery, ultimately evolved into the iconic Kangol® 504 Cap. "Born British, raised on the streets of New York" underpins who Kangol® is, where the brand came from and what the brand stands for. Kangol® today is a cultural fusion, taking the best of British Heritage, retro hip-hop and mixing it with future fashion


Forget ladies bucket hats
By P.B., from Elmira, NY | June 14, 2014

This was the answer to my search for a rainy day hat. It's a menswear item. That means we can select a size! Most ladies' hats are one-size-fits-all. If you have a larger head, order one of these instead. It fits perfectly, and can be exchanged for one that does--if you order the wrong size at first. With all menswear hats, I simply turn up the back and it instantly becomes more feminine. And last but not least: it is made with great quality and is built to last forever, even after washing.Bring back "Annie Hall" styling! Who needs "women's" hats, with their one-size-fits-none?

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Great Hat!
By heavypaws23, from Central NY | May 20, 2014

I have been looking for a hat like this for years. I had a camo hat years ago, loved it and lost it. When I saw this, I ordered it straight away and I am so happy with it. I should have gotten the S/M, but it's adjustable so it worked out fine. Love the hat!

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Hats Off to you
By James, from Pittsburgh,Pa. | May 13, 2014

Good looking cap. cool and classy. true to size,nice fit.

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Kangol Tropic Player
By Mark, from Northern California | May 07, 2014

My 7th Tropic Player and love them all. I play a lot of golf and when my friends are chasing their ball hats all over the course when it gets windy mine always stays on. I wear the brim down and have never had it blow off. Great hat. I have every color.

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Another Great Hat
By Ray, from Ft Lauderdale, FL | May 05, 2014

True to size and very soft and comfortable. When I first saw the hat on line I was interested in it, my only hesitation was the color(kernan black). I knew it was a shade of black but that was it. Turns out it is herringbone(black & gray) and linen not wool. Perfect for this hot climate.

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Shoebuy Insider on Kangol

A hat can tie an outfit together. Belts and ties may garner glances and compliments, but they are more common wardrobe staples. Sporting a belt or tie doesn't flash too much personality. It takes confidence, style, and a little Frank Sinatra-esque swagger to pull off a lid. Hats, not to be confused with cold weather gear and more commonplace baseball caps, are another way to say something about you.

Whether you want to mix up your look with a scally cap or fancy a fedora for a Rat Pack homage, Kangol is a leader. Kangol's lids have been a mainstay in modern fashion since their introduction during pre-WWII. Beginning with military style berets, the brand constantly evolved, with styles like the Bermuda Casual and the 504 enjoying popularity atop the heads of music icons like The Beatles, Run DMC, Notorious B.I.G., and LL Cool J.

Kangol is a safe bet for any fashion futures trader. The brand's ability to transition from its military roots to 60's style sensation to fashion cornerstone of rap community demonstrates Kangol's versatility. As styles come and go, new niches will continue to adopt the Kangol brand and make it their "own".