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Jill Stuart

Jill Stuart was born into the world of fashion. During the 60's and 70's her parents owned a classic sportswear brand that dressed many celebrities of the era. Jill began her fashion career as an accessories designer, selling her first collection to Bloomingdale's at the age of 15. Launched in 1993, the Jill Stuart Collection established Jill Stuart as a best-selling designer with worldwide retail sales of over one billion dollars. Part of the Jill Stuart Collection, Jill Stuart watches combine the ideals of vintage fashion with a modern aesthetic to create a collection of timepieces that is both edgy and eye-catching. A mix of Swarovski crystals and beautiful color combinations, Jill Stuart watches are perfect for day or evening wear. Her designs are meant to be sexy, stylish, flirty and fun. Jill Stuart philosophy of design is practical and gracious: To create fashion and images that enhance individuality and passion for life. Jill Stuart watches are made for the eternally hip and young.