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The hottest trend sweeping the country, Hugrz™ Boot Wraps are the interchangeable covers that go over your boots, transforming any type of boot into the latest styles. Make old boots look new; short boots look tall; plain boots look fancy; or make your favorite boots just look different. These 'hugs' for your boots are soft, luxurious, easy to change out, and affordable. Just slip them over the top of your boot and you have a brand new look! Chose from nearly 20 different styles of wraps and then add lacing, feathers, ribbon, studded bands, pompoms, tassels and more to match your outfit. The best part is that people say, "Nice boots," not "What's on your boots?" One size fits most women's boots sizes 5-11. No elastic or closures, they have a little stretch and fit just right on most winter boots. For smooth leather, rubber, or heels, use the crisscross lacing to cinch to fit. This winter, wear the styles that Hollywood loves - Hugrz™ Boot Wraps and Accessories! Hugrz™ have been chosen as gifts for hundreds of celebs, including: Faith Hill, Glenn Close, Cloris Leachman, Kate Winslet, Kelly Clarkson, Michelle Pfeiffer, Drew Barrymore, Carrie Underwood, Ann Curry, Sara Evans, Martina McBride, Taylor Swift, Sheryl Crow, Meredith Vieira, , Ashley Argota, Miranda Lambert, and many more. They have been seen on stars of True Blood, CSI, The Office, Gossip Girls, Sell This House: Extreme, and more. They were also named "top swag" at the Sundance Film Festival and spotlighted on World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer, in the LA Daily Times, on EXTRA TV mobile site, in USA Today, in Family Circle Magazine, on the AOL Home Page, and in the Huffington Post. Watch and see who's wearing Hugrz™ this year! The products were created by Deb Miller while her feet were freezing in a hockey rink. The story is simple. Like most ideas, Hugrz™ started with a need and a want. The need? Warm feet. The want? A great looking pair of boots. She had such a bad case of cold feet that she could not walk out of the hockey rink. She set off to find a very warm pair of boots, but could not decide on one style. She loved the boots with fur, the ones with fringe, and the ones with sweater knit, but did not want to commit all that money to just one look -- and, she did not want to wear the same boots every winter day. She couldn't choose, and now you don't have to either! Buy one pair of great boots and change the look with Hug z™ boot wraps. Wear them scrunched down on short boots, pulled up on tall boots, or pulled up on your legs to make your short boots look tall! Make them even more your own by switching out the accessories. They were designed them for the various shearling boots, but they look great on many styles, including heels and even cowboy boots!