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Everyone has a history - an account of the things they've done during the time they've been around. We think of ours as a bunch of cool stories that have led us to where we are and will show us where we'll go. Converse also has been around long enough to learn it's not about how old you are, but how good you are - and that everyone loves a good story. The best stories are the ones that don't end - the ones you just keep adding to and adding to - all the while marveling at the creative, disruptive, optimistic, courageous ways things evolve from being what they were, to what they are, to what they will become.


Old school
By J. Train, from East Maryland | March 26, 2014

Great shoe we used to have as kids back in the 60's! Made well, last a long time and are very comfortable. Order a half size smaller for a perfect fit. I'll be definitely ordering more pirs of these!

  • Shoe Size: Felt half size smaller than marked
  • Shoe Width: Felt true to width
  • Wears this shoe: Always

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Cant go wrong with the classics
By Steven, from Northfield, MA | March 18, 2014

These shoes look great fresh and new, and they look great scuffed torn and old. The look is timeless and the actual shoe ages well. Worth the investment in my humble.

  • Shoe Size: Felt half size larger than marked
  • Shoe Width: Felt true to width
  • Wears this shoe: Casual

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nice and cool leather shoes
By Errol, from PEI,CANADA | March 16, 2014

This a nice leather shoes that retained its classic look.It is somewhat one full size bigger but true to width. I've been a fan of CONVERSE Chuck Taylor even before my early teens that the reason I bought this shoes and for being known to be durable and comfortable to wear. What I like most is that it is made of soft leather upper,lined with thin canvass cloth and a rubber out sole.Leather is not as thick as I expected but seems to be fine and possibly much durable than other style of Converse which is made of canvass. Overall,this is one nice looking classic Converse Chuck Taylor shoes.

  • Shoe Size: Felt full size larger than marked
  • Shoe Width: Felt true to width
  • Wears this shoe: I wear them everyday.

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Super cute!
By Christy T, from United States | March 14, 2014

I bought these for my daughter. She is fascinated with shoes and absolutely loved them. She gets compliments on them every time she wears them. She is two years old and wears them nearly every day. They are very well made and I am happy with this purchase.

  • Shoe Size: Felt half size larger than marked
  • Shoe Width: Felt true to width
  • Wears this shoe: almost every day.

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The Classic
By Howard, from Atlanta, GA | March 11, 2014

Liked them in 7th grade. Like them now. They were, are, and will be the classic basketball shoe that you can wear for nonchalant style everyday.

  • Shoe Size: Felt true to size
  • Shoe Width: Felt true to width
  • Wears this shoe: everyday

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Shoebuy Insider on Converse Shoes

Some people use the phrase "as American as apple pie". At Shoebuy, we prefer "as American as Converse". Converse is one of few brands that managed to remain a staple of our ever-evolving American culture since the company's inception in 1908.

Whether you envision Chuck Taylor sporting his namesake sneakers with short shorts, Bird and Magic lacing up their Weapons, rockers stage-diving into clamoring crowds of fans, or even "Jackass"-es performing unspeakable stunts, Converse, much like Forrest Gump, has always had a knack for being present when history is being made.

Perhaps it is much more likely that the roles are reversed; that trailblazers and innovators have always been drawn to Converse because of the company's ever-youthful, pioneering personality. It is a brand that manages to transcend the barriers that gap generations and captures the zeitgeist of any period in America.